• Japanese Create Creepy Abortion Fetus Pregnant Dolls

    May 17, 2009 1:44 am 19 comments
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  • Tonight I wish my name was Clark Kent and I came from a distant destroyed planet named Krypton. Because what I would do is, run around outside with my super speed, collect as many large stones I could find and then hurl them across the ocean with all my might until I nuked every single Japanase toy company to smitherins!

    My anger is burning red right now and one million stoning or nukes would not atone for this filth! A Japanese toy company has made the most sick, twisted sin romping Barbie doll I’ve ever seen in my life!

    Whatever happened to a moral Barbie? A Barbie without the secret parts or sucker thingies on the milksacks? Why must Japanese Barbie show an aborted fetus? Yes, an aborted fetus Barbie!

    The Japanese have gotten away with a bunch of stuff but this one takes the cake. This new Barbie is being marketed to 5 year old girls and introducing them to the abortion agenda. Instead of teaching a girl proper women skills like baking and wearing dresses, Japanese Barbie is teaching them what to do after their night of getting porked by a drunken satan scepter!

    The Bible teaches us that killing the innocent is a sin and there is nothing more innocent than a baby. Abortion is murder and it breaks my heart that liberal toymakers are using this doll to brainwash women, when they are girl childs, that it’s normal to bake, try on outfits and then aborted fetuses hanging from you.

    My friends, I’m almost in tears at the state of the world today. Not even a Barbie dolls is sacred anymore and I don’t even know if I have the gumption to write an angry letter to the doll makers. Warning: The Following Image is highly immoral. Please pray then have women and children leave the room before reviewing.

    Picture of Immoral Japanese doll

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