• Japanese Create Crying Sumo Baby Contest

    May 9, 2009 3:50 pm 20 comments
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  • I am terribly appalled and bewildered by this following video. We all know our friends in Japan have a talent for being immoral; they make evil robots, octopus love and those God forsaken animes. Christianity is not their national religion.

    Just when you thought every dark stone was overturned in Japan, it looks like the little ninja culture has been hiding a big veiled secret behind Mount Fuji. These little atheistic wonders have baby fighting competitions!

    I’m so angry right now that I just knockeded over my bottel of Sam’s Choice cola! What sort of sick people wrastle babies!

    Over here in America we frown upon cock fights and we threw Michael Vick into the wolve’s den where he belonged for wrastling God’s favorite animals (dog) and then waterboarding them like no good terrorists!

    Where is the justice in Japan! Nowhere, because our military isn’t over there enforcing post World War 2 doctrines. I’m pretty sure somewhere it says we can go and arrest Japanese for treating babies like this!

    Watch how these babies are encouraged to cry then the last one standing wins! I’m am sickened and will be drafting a formal letter to the Japanese consulate and YouTube to see why they don’t stop this filth!

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