• Jon Stewart Rhetoric Is Worse Than Joseph Goebbels Propaganda, Defends Obama!

    May 2, 2009 2:02 pm 56 comments
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    Democrat propaganda minister Jon Stewart was at it again this week, convincing countless innocent collegiate minds that the GOP is evil for wanting to preserve America’s Christian heritage of life, morality and freedom!

    What a horrible man this is! He supports abortion mongers like Obama and defends antiBush terrorists who dream about bathing in your innocent child’s blood!

    I spit with disgust on this Jon Stewart and his secretly funded liberal state broadcast. This man is a veil wolf in sheep’s clothing who claims to spread humor but really is, convincing your college kids to embrace a culture of drugs, prostitution and death!

    I’d like to see the stats because I bet since this show aired the college dropout rate has increased at least 8% and teen abortions double that!

    Satan loves a cheerful NAZI and nothing has brought the devil more joy than the ‘comedy sketches’ of Jon Stewart. It’s bad enough to mock but an entirely different thing to outright lie, demonize proper news people and betray your country!

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