• Michelle Obama Makes Fun of Homeless By Wearing $540 Shoes to a Food Bank

    May 18, 2009 5:09 pm 4 comments
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    Michelle Obama continued to flaunt her money recently, as she made fun of homeless people by wearing $540 shoes to a food bank.

    What a sick day and age we live in when millionaires endlessly gallivant around the globe in their jets and fancy clothes, but still make sure to remind the poor of just how little they have in pocket.

    This is just more proof of how the liberal elite live these extravagant lives and are not in touch with us common people. We do all the hard work of fighting wars and building up this country, while they enjoy the fruits of our labor and control all the wealth.

    My stomach churns with disgust because of these types of liberal antics and disregard for human life. For just about $5 a day, you can feed a starving child in Africa. With $540, Michelle Obama could by a struggling American family a month’s worth of groceries.

    Why must these liberal elite continue to show their mocking contempt for the homeless in America and destitute in Africa? It burdens my heart and I can only hope and pray that God teaches all these arrogant aristocrats a lesson in humility.

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