• No Asians, Get Out Of My Country! (Democrat History)

    May 5, 2009 12:01 pm 17 comments

    I am extremely offended by this following video! All too often as I search for videos to warn everyone about on YouTube , I come across something that ruins my breakfast or sets my face to bitter scorn all day.

    My friends, all of the videos of Satan using his music to enter kids and cause unnatural dances, and even innocent pet animal possessions, cannot compare to this filth!

    Here, today, we have a man who does not love Asians!

    Asians are a beautiful people from God who have diverse cultures and have enhanced American society so very much. Sadly, there are many atheist Democrats in America who do not love our Asian brethren. Let us look to the annals of history.

    In 1942, communist Democrat (regarded as the greatest democrat of all time) Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066. He told all Asians who are Americans that they had to get into internment camps!

    My dear friends, this is one of the most shameful chapters of American history. An American President, a democrat, forced over 120,000 ethnic Japanese people to be incarcerated in internment camps for the duration of the war. Of this number, 62% where Nisei (second-generation, American born). The rest were essentially Sansei (third-generation, meaning many younger AMERICAN people and AMERICAN children).

    The camps were horrible. They were ravaged by disease and death, and the possessions of the Japanese Americans were lost. Jobs, homes, careers and livelihood. It’s truly shameful.

    Executive Order 9066 gave the government the right to force ANY ETHNIC GROUP into camps, though the Japanese were the most demonized. Democrat President Harry Truman followed this sickening crime against a culture by controversially firebombing Tokyo and dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan, though you’ll notice democrats refused to enact such measures in Europe.

    Racism and bigotry, even during times of war, should have no place in our nation. We were founded on a Christian heritage, and that involves embracing all true Americans — there is no color or ethnicity in the kingdom of God — just unity, love and brotherhood for all. Grace and mercy to yourself and to each other.

    Thank goodness that Republican Gerald Ford was so sickened by Executive Order 9066 that he immediately rescinded the democrat act on February 19, 1976.

    It took a man of true Godly nature to confront this major offense to culture and I’m so happy he did it. Upon taking office, President Ronald Reagan was still upset about the democrat’s issuing Executive Order 9066.

    To that end, on August 10, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Civil Liberties Act, which formally apologized to Asian-Americans for the evil offenses forced on them during World War 2, and guaranteed they would also receive compensation for their monetary losses.

    On November 21, 1989, George H.W. Bush followed through on Reagan’s Act, and signed an appropriation bill which paid monetary compensation to families affected by 9066 and also sent another letter of apology.

    I’m here today to say that despite this valiant efforts by these conservative Christian men, to right the wrongs of the Trotskyist Franklin Roosevelt, no apology is enough for Executive Order 9066. It is truly shameful and the best thing we can do is move forward, together, as one in love and harmony.

    Thinking about history such as this really makes it painful to think that there are still Americans who hold the views as you’ll see in the following video. I hope one day the love of Christ will fill all our hearts, so that we will look upon each other as simply brothers and sisters in a family of one.

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