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    My friends, I have just returned back from Wal-mart and have filled my basement with the amenities to life. I have bought everything from 30 handles of Sam’s Choice drinking water to canned beans of every sort and variety.

    I encourage you to do the same beacuse THE GODLESS NORTH KOREANS HAS THE NUKE!

    I am stricken with fear right now because you know good and well these little heathen miscreants are just testing the waters and one day they are going to launch a nuke at America!

    Today Kim Jong Ill and his legion of followers proudly exploded their second nuclear weapon. Two nuclear weapons in two days!

    The one they blew up yesterday was big enough to wipe Hiroshima off the map twice over and the one today was 100 times more powerful and could blow up any city.

    Such weapons are too much power for any one man to have and that’s why I wish George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan were in office.

    They would not hesistate to do what needs to be done to destroy the communist threat.

    While North Korea is blatantly getting ready to nuke us, Obama has all of our soldiers fighting a wasteful war in Iraq and Afghanist. He’s squandering all of our monkey, resources and sons and daughters in a police action, when KIM JONG ILL is preparing a death strike against freedom.

    No one even knew they had launched this weapon until seismic analysis revealed the nuke giving patterns.

    Armageddon shall soon be upon us friends. Do not be surprised when you get up tomorrow for the morning paper, when you see the news is happening live!

    Women and children will be running around in confused circles outside while husbands are packing their cars, ready to flee our cities. The North Koreans are shining up their nukes and I bet the Chinese are using some of those Jin class submarines to sneak their billions of troops to our borders.

    Pray, pray pray my friends because there is no telling what tomorrow will bring. I have barricaded my family in the basement for the night with our supplies, and will keep checking the status updates here on ChristWire and CC international as well.

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