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    Seoul, South Korea North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il continued his plans for world domination Friday, by unveiling and launching a new type of missile from the Musudan-ri military complex in North Korea.

    Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a South Korean official confirmed that the missile appeared to be a new variety of surface to air (SAM) missile.

    The missile was fired into the East Sea during the twilight hours in America.

    The test of this new high-tech missile follows the detonation of two powerful nuclear devices, conducted by North Korea. The first nuclear device was twice the power of the bomb America used on Hiroshima in World War 2.

    The second bomb, tested on Thursday, May 29th, was ten times more powerful and capable of wiping any city on Earth off the map.

    Due to the actions of North Korea, many world leaders and concerned citizens fear the world is in peril. North Korea has been confirmed as the blight of the Earth and stands for reigning death and destruction on our planet.

    The United Nations has met and is planning to write angry letters to Kim Jong Il, which will probably be met with laughter or the bottom of the wastebasket. It is up to America to end this Godless country’s ambitions for world domination.

    Last week, Obama showed he could be logical by reopening Guantanamo Bay so we could politely encourage terrorists to tell us their secrets, via waterboard encouragement.

    Let us pray that the logic of Bush and the spirit of patriotism will coalesce within the turmoiled heart of Obama once again. We must stand firm with these Koreans and let them know nuclear weapons are a real nation’s weapon.

    Just like children cannot be trusted to play with knives or by electrical outlets, North Korea must not be allowed nukes. We must not spare the rod on North Korea.

    The time may come when we have to discipline our friends in North Korea, perhaps with an airstrike to wipe out their industrial center or several well placed ICBMs. North Korea must realize that when such a time comes, it hurts us more than it hurts them.

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