• Pharyngula Help Japanese Promote Tentacle Pornagraphy

    May 26, 2009 1:48 am 4 comments

    After exposing the lies of Ida the Lemur Monkey, it was all but assumed atheists and evolutionists alike would throw a child’s tantrum. They wanted the public to think a random 25-year-old fossil was a ‘big, scientific breakthrough’ that proved 47-million-years ago, man was a lemur monkey.

    Much to their chagrin, many conservative news organizations effectively educated the public on why Ida is a sham and a false spectacle. Due to this, the atheist terror network was activated to conspire to shut down sites exposing the truth about Ida being nothing more than the Chupacabra or Nessie.

    Our web development ministry was able to discover militant scientists on Atheist Supersite Pharyngula.com were assigned to destroy one of our social network sites, right here at ChristWire.org.

    The terrorists of the science site identify themselves as the ‘Pharyngula’ and follow notorious evolution-monger PZ Meyers, a man who purportedly professes to ‘ejaculate’ atheism.

    As we alerted our Global Prayer Network to combat the evil ploy of Professor Meyers and his followers, something in the back of my mind continued to nag me, like a wife without enough housework. Somewhere before, I had come across this man and his congregation. But where?

    After much thought, I suddenly remembered.

    Professor Meyers and the Pharyngula peddle off tentacle anime pornography.

    Several months ago, we detailed how the perverted Japanese have created a new sick, twisted form of pornography called cephalerotica.

    Japanese women have fornications with squids, by giving them mouth sex acts and placing them on their secret parts. This is definitely an abomination.

    They then make real and animated videos of this pornography (which they call anime) and conspire with liberal smugglers in this country to peddle this filth off to children!

    As I found documentation to enhance the column, I just happened to come across the pharyngula site.

    I understand atheists want children to believe in evolution so they can get their abortion and gay marriage agenda passed, but helping the Japanese sneak their anime tentacle fornication into this nation is pure betrayal!

    Let us take a look at the empirical evidence. Warning: The following items contain unfiltered and highly immoral material. Please pray and have women/children leave the room before viewing.

    Pharyngula Promotes Anime in America 1
    Pharyngula Promotes Anime in America 2
    Pharyngula Promotes Anime in America 3

    So what does such sickness have to do with science? Oh, wait, I believe tentacle arms is one of the ‘stages’ these weird evolutionists believe babies go through in the womb.

    Dear friends, Satan’s favorite summer hobby donning a captain’s hat and sailing upon the high seas of sin. His boat deck always needs a new crew and he recruits those who are drowning in the bittersweet waters of iniquity.

    Please don’t board Satan’s ship and let him take your children on a voyage straight to hell.

    We must reject atheism! Who must stop the evolutionists from promoting their agenda of animal tentacle sex!

    These things are sick and an abomination to God! Liberal scientists conspire with gays to try to make it look like it’s ‘genetic’ and not a choice.

    Soon, these heathens will say it’s ‘genetic for a man to want to get married to an octopus and let it diddle his devilwhole with its tentacles!’

    We must take a stand today. Reject evolution, gay marriage and anime before the triumvirate of despair rise to destroy the tradition of morality in our Christian nation.

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