• President Sarah Palin Interview On American Chopper

    May 1, 2009 1:55 am 20 comments
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  • 2012 US President Sarah Palin was in beautiful form today, as she interviewed on TLC’s The Learning Channel. As usual, her brilliance was only outdone by her poignant, insightful answers to questions about how she will save us from Barack Hussein Obama’s mismanagement of America.

    As you’ll recall, future President Palin and Senator John McCain lost the 2008 elections due to a combination of voter fraud, sexism, ageism and even racism. Blacks nationwide rallied other minorities to not vote for McCain because he was a ‘kindly old white man’. They dared evoke sexism and call Sarah a ‘pig with lipstick’.

    The nation will be privy to Obama’s schemes this time, as they’ll see right through the darkness that covers his body and character of hate and malice. They will see that this fine Alaskan woman, an every woman who hunts down bears with her local lodge and drinks a beer or two after, yet is brilliant, is the type of person we need in DC.

    I cannot wait to go to Washington, DC, in 2012 to see this fine woman sworn into God’s highest political office in America.

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