• Satan Uses Death Metal To Enter Grandma’s Body

    May 6, 2009 12:32 am 35 comments

    When will people ever learn that Death Metal is the official music of the Kingdom of Hell. Time and time again we show evidence of what happens when people listen to certain music.

    A little techno? Satan used it to enter two girlses’ bodes. A little 8-bite urban hipped hopped? A group of normal kids suddenly went out and sold drugs and uncontrollably slapped women.

    When you listen to secular music, the gateways of morality are cracked by the Satanic vibrations of the vile music. In this video we see an innocent grandma and grandpa minding their own business, when suddenly some evil death metal comes on.

    Notice how they loose control of their bodies once Satan enters it, then their eyes start to glaze with hell’s fury. I’ll be writing YouTube to ask them to take this horrific video down.

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