• Sexting, The New Cell Phone Danger For Your Kids!

    May 9, 2009 3:00 pm 21 comments

    Sexting is a new horrific trend in which teens worldwide are being sexually attacked via their cellphones. Responsible parents are rushing with fear and panic to take the child’s cell phone away and you should be doing the same. The well being of your precious child is at risk.

    Several months ago, school officials in a small Nebraska town became alerted to alarmingly disgusting pictures that a dark and scary man was sending high school girls. He would send them free ring tones in response to them accepting their pictures and sending him pictures of themselves in return, in various states of improper posing and dress.

    This dangerous trend continued as the concept of ‘sexting’ spread throughout schools and mall parking lots, and the students began to send each other racy pictures. School after school has discovered teens sending these improper pictures and stats indicate that over 78% of boys and 88% of girls have been sexting attacked by either a peer or creepy old man.

    They simply get an incoming message on their phone, open it and then are exposed to all sorts of visual filth. There may be an added message goading them to partake in exchanging more pictures: “You can have 1,000 free ring tones if you send a improper picture back and it shows some cleavage…”.

    I love my kids with all my heart and so do you, and the last thing we would want do is let a predator gobble up their innocent virginity. Exchange of sexually explicit pictures is a gateway to a lifestyle of prostitution, disease and then death.

    Surveys of prostitutes show that 7 out of 9 of them started off by simply doing a little ‘modeling for pictures’. They would get money, free music tapes or drugs in exchange. Next, their sexual predators would up the ante and demand they show more skin. It kept going until they turned into disease ridden whores with no prospect for the future.

    Parents, the sex fiends have now taken over cell phones and are using the airwaves to recruit the next generation of drug users and prostitutes. A teen’s heart is naturally pure and does not desire to fornicate or exchange nudity unless a wicked outside influence compels them to do so.

    I plead for you to have a talk with your teen and take away their cellular phone. Listen to their ringtones. If you notice they have a bunch of them, with explicit lyrics that involve words such as ‘sexy’ or drug references, you should assume they have already been sextingually molested on the phone by a sick man or corrupt peer.

    When they complain about you taking away their phone, simply ask them if they would like to die in a dark, dank alley from either stab wounds or venereal disease. Because the life of a washed up hooker is the only place a cell phone will leave teens these days.

    Here is a video about this issue and encourage you all to watch it and forward it to your parenting groups. We must put a stop to the sexting predators by taking cell phones from our children. Thank you.

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