• Simon Cowell Declares Gay Freddie Mercury Impersonator To Win American Idol

    May 12, 2009 1:22 am 8 comments

    Today Simon Cowell all but confessed his love for former flamboyant gay and frontman for Queen, Freddie Mercury. Regaled as the best performer and rock vocalist by many, for good reason, the music of Queen and Freddie Mercury lives on to this day from sports anthems like “We Will Rock You’ and “We Are The Champions”, to perennial favorites such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

    American Idol favorite Adam Lambert performs with the spirited gusto of Freddie Mercury.  Coincidence or possession?

    American Idol favorite Adam Lambert performs with the spirited gusto of Freddie Mercury. Coincidence or possession?

    Though there is far more music in Queen’s discography, it is all irrelevant to American Idol as the show’s front man, Simon Cowell, is apparently huge Queen fan. He seems to love Queen so much, in fact, that he has already declared that a young man named Adam Lambert will win this season’s American Idol competition.

    On Afro-American talk show Oprah Winfrey, Cowell said that his “money is on Lambert because the contestant is fearless, unique and ‘he’s got swagger.’”

    This is rather odd, as Simon Cowell is a notably foul person with a penchant for insulting anything that has life. His demeanor is typically bitter and sarcastically upset, like an old man trying to return his soup at the deli.

    This gives more credence to one theory; Adam Lambert’s amazing stage presence and vocal ability is due to the fact that he’s been possessed by Freddie Mercury’s gay specter.

    We explored this notion several weeks ago in an investigative piece, where scientific analysis of side-by-side performances of Lambert and Mercury revealed tell-tell habits that are blatantly one in the same.

    With Cowell’s confession today, and how it is so out of character for Simon to give a gushing review of a performer, it is safe and responsible to question if Cowell and Freddie Mercury’s specter may have a romance going on behind the scenes.

    Several years ago, Idol host Paula Abdul ran into some trouble when it was discovered that she was ‘seeing’ a contestant, though claims of an amorous relationship were contested. And while Simon Cowell will undoubtedly deny that he’s indeed having a tryst with Mercury’s spirit via the host of Adam Lambert, it is not beyond the realms of possibility.

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