• Sinful Couple Marc Ballas and Shawn Johnson Are Who Won Dancing With Stars on ABC

    May 20, 2009 12:19 am 5 comments

    Take a good hard look at that picture. Particularly in Marc Ballas’ secret part region. Look at how Satan has caused him to become erect due to the thoughts of fornicating with the teenage Shawn Johnson.

    This picture proves my point; dancing is immoral and should not be condoned on television. It encourages men to pressure innocent young girls into unnatural sexual situations for which their bodies and minds are not prepared. Dancing is the mating rituation of Satan worshipers.

    So imagine my surprise tonight when NBC announced the winners of Dancing With the Stars. This is a network who claims to be for America and families. ABC chose to delight the devilwhores of this nation and elected Marc ‘sinpants’ Ballas and Shawn Johnson the winners of the competition!

    I am literally spitting with disgust right now and wish the ABC had a real mascot like the NBC peacoke, so we could hunt it down and offer it up as sacrifice for all these whoremongering dance sins committed by NBC!

    Do they not understand children watch dancing with the stars? Have they not seen the stats which show 83% of teenage pregnancies are due to dancing at prom!

    It is bad enough ABC lets little liberal sociopaths spread their lies on the ‘news’, but it is an entire new level of wrong to make kids think it’s ok to dance with the gyrating homophile stranger who has a surprise in his britches!

    I cannot wait for morning because I am calling ABC to demand a recount! I hate dancing but there is no way Gilles Marini’s version of the tango should have fallen to team sinpants!

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