• Stop Internet Pornography Week

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    We will continue our celebration of STOP INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY WEEK by sharing several videos which show the dangers of pornography, through the rest of this week and into next week.

    As you know, pornography is drugs for the mind. It continually addicts and gateways the observer to a lifestyle of deeper decadence.

    For you teen males out there, you should know that 72% of men who are impotent are that way due to pornography. Imagine, after you get married, not being able to have bed relations with your wife. That would make for a very embarrassing honeymoon.

    Your manhood will be broken and it will be because pornography causes certain chemical reactions in your brain to occur, all which lead to a reduction in your testosterone and your libido. Your thingy will stop working.

    Fathers, the same is true for you. While you may think looking at girly magazines or such is fine every once in a while, consider the girl you are looking at is someone’s precious daughter.

    How did she get into that lifestyle? Did you know that every year, 500-600,000 young women are abducted and forced into sexual slavery? Many times, the females kidnapped are children. This issue is actually very serious thing that is not getting enough international attention and we will be doing more to bring attention to it in the near future.

    That said, these victimized young women often grow up in a life of forced relations and by the time they are later teens to early twenties, have lost their sense of identity and are resolved into a lifestyle of prostitution. It is sad and sick.

    The movie ‘Gardens of the Night‘ is quite disturbing but accurately portrays how young women, in our very own country, are forced into lifestyles of prostitution over time. It may be a film you should check out and use for edification on this subject.

    The driving force behind much of the pornography on the internet is men. Most porn sites are targeted for men because most of the users are men. It is up for us, young men, old men and fathers, to join forces to stop internet pornography. It is sick, disgusting and exploitative.

    This week we will be posting videos for you to share with your community/church groups to help express the dangers of internet pornography and next week, we will follow up with some protests and action alert groups.

    We also ask that our visitors and readers use the ChristWire Link Submission system to submit your own videos, resource links and personal accounts detailing and warning about the dangers of pornography.

    We like to keep things enjoyable and fresh for a newer generation, but at the same time are taking this issue seriously (especially building up information about sexual slavery and resources to help combat it/raise public awareness) and ask that you follow suit.

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