• Susan Boyle Meltdown, Stuns Britain’s Got Talent Fans

    May 28, 2009 4:38 pm Comments Off
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  • Today reports indicate that our favorite new singer, Susan Boyle, was heard using expletives and delivering curse words among a group of startled spectators within the lobby of Wembley Plaza Hotel in North London.

    Photo Media:
    Photo: Allegedly Enraged Susan Boyle Exchanges Words Cops

    Sources indicate the dowdy Scottish singers was heard yelling things such as: “How f***ing dare you! You can’t f***ing talk to me like that.”

    When cops approached the visibly upset and explosive Boyle, she allegedly bellowed, “Of course there’s a f**cking problem!”

    Other sources reveal that two people in the crowd set things off by heckling Boyle to the point of emotional outburst.

    Hollywood is a very corrupt place that has ruined the hearts and minds of those who embrace its secular culture. Several weeks ago, reports found that Hollywood was trying to corrupt Susan Boyle with Satan’s leather clothing and now are forced to wonder if this alleged outburst is clearly related.

    My dearest friends, let us pray that Susan Boyle continues to be a good women and walk the path of righteousness. Let her not participate in Satan’s record label of sin, but rather continue to walk the path of righteousness were her voice will be an inspiration to all.

    Let us also pray that to those who heckled our dear friend Susan, that their conscious is stoned with guilt rocks that sear with the high heats of hell for trying to cause a media frenzy and ruin Boyle’s chances at winning the upcoming competition before God’s favorite Queen Elizabeth II.

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