• Swine Flu Looks Like World of Warcraft!

    May 8, 2009 3:27 pm 89 comments

    Several months ago Pastor Gould warned us about the dangers of a new game called World of Warcraft. After extensive studies by our interns we found “WoW’ is responsible for the sharp increase of college drop-out rates and unemployment in the 16-25 year old cohort.

    Studies also show that 56% of kids who experiment smoking Magic Mint did so because of World of Warcraft and of that number 34% became addicted and gateway to hard drug methamphetamine. Over 50% of these kids are now morbidly obese drug users with veneral diseases, and it’s all because of orgies with what’s known as WoW guilds.

    Parents, this game is destructive and as your WoW playing son or potentially daughter is probably living in your house, you should immediately take it from them and throw it out with the garbage. It will only corrupt their mind and body.

    If all these things were not scary enough for a parent, yesterday reader emailed the HolyMailbox to warn us about findings which show the swine flu looks exactly like a scene from World of Warcraft.

    This is clear evidence that the millions of people who subscribe to this game have brought God’s wrath of plague upon us. There is nothing moral about how drug dealers and prostitutes organize what’s called ‘guilds’ on World of Warcraft, where they usher your son or daughter into the weapons, drugs and prostitution lifestyles.

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