• Swine Flu Now Infects Over 5,000 Americans

    May 18, 2009 12:58 pm 1 comment
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    Oh woe unto America! God’s wrath is nigh and he has allowed sickness to sweep across our great land. The Bible said he is coming like a thief in the night, so children of morality get your hearts right or you will die and burn for eternity in the Fiery Lake of Torment!

    Over 5,000 Americans have now fallen to the swine flu and it’s all a sign of the looming apocalypse. For far too long America has sat back and allowed sin, perversion and utter filth to fill the world; gay marriage, terror, starvation and genocide.

    We did not use the military strength that God blessed us with to spread our peace to the lesser nations! We failed to use the stable and sound government founded by the Forefathers of Conservatism in ways to ensure our Christian heritage of God and country was eternally preserved in America and spread throughout the world!

    Now we are paying the price. The swine flu is just the tip of the iceberg, and do not think that even the largest iceberg on Earth will cool the burning fury of God’s wrath.

    The Centers for Disease Control have confirmed the new H1N1 flu is now circulating in 48 states. Six deaths have been reported and more than 5,000 cases are confirmed.

    CDC experts reported that more than 100,000 Americans likely have the H1N1 virus right now. 100,000. Most people who become infected with H1N1 are the young adults, teens and children.

    Oh my friends, the end times are truly here. The economic kingdoms of business kings and executives are being torn asunder. Great sea storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters strike out from the heavens above and the unknown below.

    Famine continues to spread while war, poverty and animosity grows in the Middle East, right in the heart of the Holy Land.

    The days of the unsaved are numbered and we must strive like never before to spread the Word of Truth to our dear, heathen friends. The time has come when illness and plague will sweep our planet. Make no mistake that God will flex his wrath and natural disasters will continue to pop up on his Earth with perplexing frequency.

    Friends of the faith, I beseech you to go out into the highways and hedges and compel everyone to do what’s right. All of this wrath strikes fear into your heart and it should make everyone on this planet have legs that tremble with fear and give out. This is because the only thing you can do in such times is get on your knees and pray before our heavenly father.

    Yes, my friends, this is the time for outreach and prayer. There is nothing man can do about the swine flu but pray if God decides to mutate it to a form with higher virulence and make its reproductive ratio (R0) far, far greater than one.

    The World Health Organization can only declare God’s viral wrath has reached pandemic levels and we will all be left to suffer the furious flu judgment for our wicked ways. Stomachs will church, bones will chill and bowels will liquefy as God pours the might of his judgment through the infected.

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