• Talk Radio Host Erich Mancow Muller Gets Waterboarded, Betrays America

    May 25, 2009 12:00 am Comments Off
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  • Waterboarding is a humane interrogation method President George W. Bush’s administration used to keep us safe from terrorists.

    When a guilty terrorist is being stubborn and not wanting to tell us about planes they’ve hijacked or where they have planted bombs that will kill your sons and daughters bringing freedom to Iraq, our military politely sends them to Gitmo to get waterboarded.

    Such treatment is quite unprecedented and nice considering we are in a state of war. When these terrorists capture Americans, they make low-quality ransom videos and hold machine guns to a soldier’s heads. Then cut off toenails and fingers, laughing as they rub salted sand in the wounds.

    They mutilate the body with sharp instruments.

    Terrorists are very lucky we do not throw the full weight of the USA military their way, because God has blessed us with the technology to turn their lands to glass.

    Being good people, we feed them a good meal at Gitmo and then use a gentle prod technique to get them to talk. Waterboarding is just a conversation icebreaker and is not torture, as the liberal media claims.

    Why people are so concerned about a non-issue when we have terrorists sneaking anthrax into our mail system, flying planes into buildings and converting our fickle American neighbors to follow their wicked sandled ways is beyond me.

    I would gladly do whatever necessary to help make sure terrorists continue to get waterboarded. It is best for both parties, gets the information we need and lets the sandies go on about their business after they tell us what we need to know.

    All that said, the liberals are still crying and convinced our former friend Erich ‘Mancow’ Muller to get waterboarded. I was appalled by this video because even though the waterboarding worked, the liberals somehow got Mancow to say it was torture.

    There is nothing but lies to that. I sometimes get water in my nose when creeking and even taking showers, and it just burns a little bit. Getting a bit more poured on your face is just going to make it sting a little more and give you a little gasp. It’s annoying enough that you’ll tell the truth so you can get on to other things.

    That is far from tortured and I bet they had something else on Mancow to elicit the reaction you see at the end of this video.

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