• Traitor Democrats Accuse Airports of Pornography

    May 18, 2009 12:24 pm 1 comment
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    Katie Dahm

    Shocking new reports from Atlanta, Georgia reveal that privacy advocates are planning to petition the Department of Homeland Security about airport body imaging technology.

    Following the events of September 11th, the United States enacted a series of protocols and tweaks to law to ensure America was safe as possible. One such series of protocols involved tightening security at airports as much as possible.

    Body scanning technology has been phased in at airports across the country. The technology can ‘look’ through outer layer of clothing to show an outline of a human body, detailing areas which may contain patches, metals or liquids. Any one of these items may be used for terrorism and result in the loss of thousands of lives.

    For this reason alone any true American should be more than happy to subject to a body scan at the airport; it deters potential terrorism in a very non-invasive fashion. Democrats, however, are defiant and are trying to say this life-saving technology violates privacy.

    The counter-argument comes down to the fact that they feel this machine will allow trained guards to get a ‘glimpse’ of a person’s intimate areas and this is not appropriate. The fact of the matter is that guards should have the right to do pat-downs, perform necessary body cavity checks and also use these machines if it means we have another tool to ensure safety in airline flights.

    If a compromise must be reached, it would be best to incorporate several of these machines at every airport. There can be lines for men and women. Guards would simply follow the same protocol used for pat-downs; women guards would do body scans for those who identify themselves as female and the same for men. That should solve the problem of intimacy in the best way possible.

    Other than that, these checks are necessary and I do not feel are a violation of any sort of rights. They do not discriminate on the suspicion of guilt, but are rather a potential disaster deterrent used in a form of travel that is not a mandatory right; use of federally approved airplane flights.

    It is very obvious that Democrats are reeling right now due to the fact that President Obama has reopened Guantanamo Bay and is continuing to fight our War against Terror. If they are going to continue to be childish like this and undermine the ability of our country to effectively keep everyone safe, it is time they step down so people of a more patriotic nature may fill their steads.

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