• Unholy Japanese Create The Penistron

    May 12, 2009 5:24 pm 7 comments
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  • My friends, the Japanese scientsits have now officially gone too far! They have created a way for whores, gays and homosexual pedomen to electronically dilly your kids too! I am absolutely livid and organizing a way to boycott Japan off the world wide web!

    I could only pray that Harry Truman were alive to properly take care of the place which created this Penistron contraption because the heat of 1 million nukes will not compare to the heat of hell where its creators belong!

    This is outrageous. Japanese scientists have created a new video game where people can electronically control a man’s thingy or a woman’s sallyjessy!

    Let’s say a gay man comes on Myspace and tricks your college son into buying on of these abominations. The gay man can use a joystick to electronically control the artificial satan scepter in your son’s room, all the way on the other side of the world via internet.

    The gay will then type, ‘Ok, now stick the rod into your devilwhole and I’ll make it move all around with my joystick here!” You see what is going on here! I wish this were two thousand years ago and we had unlimited stones to throw at all involved parties!

    Rest assured that while all these online gays, homosexuals and whores are fornicating with this new video game, Satan will be typing ‘LOL’ (laughs out loud) as he creates a new place in hell for all involved parties.

    My friends, this game is sick and there is nothing fun about burning in hell. This Penistron is absolutely filthy. Your wife and daughters may get an offer from a stranger to ‘sign on late one night and stick this thingy where the sun dont’ shine’ and think their new play time won’t lead them to burn forever.

    Online pedostrians will be trying to send a new ‘gift’ to your sons for Christmas, and you’ll never know why they are locked in their room for hours with their magically swiveling robot scepters.

    This Penistron technology is directly from Satan himself and I am not surprised it was invented by the Japanese. Please alert your parenting/church networks about this device so we can start to organize the official boycott. Warning: The following video contains advertisement for an immoral item. Please make sure children are out of the room before reviewing.

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