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    May 3, 2009 1:13 am 35 comments

    Christian Television Review – Family Guy Episode Stew-Roids

    Family Guy is one of the most immoral, anti-family shows on television and the worst thing is that it’s a cartoon made for kids! If given the choice to leave a kid in Central Park at midnight or watch this filthy show, I’d be tempted to choose the former.

    Liberals will tell you that’s extreme but what the veiled dogs aren’t telling you is that Family Guy promotes everything from lesbianism, bestiality to encouraging babies to shoot steroids and pedophilia.

    You will see all the evidence and more in the latest sick episode of this show, named Stew-roids.

    The episode starts off with the mother of the family, Lois, removing her clothing and rubbing oil on her neighbor lesbian’s buttocks in a suggestive manner. You would think this pixelated
    fornication for kids could not get worse but it does!

    A man is then seen peaking through a fence, watching this lesbian scene, and cutting a suspicious hole in the fence so that he may have access to his sin scepter to ‘M’. The innuendo in that scene alone should have this show banned!

    Still, the worst was yet to come. A talking baby on the show, named Stewie, was beat up by a girl. His father Peter was rightfully embarrassed that his son lost to a girl, so took him to the gym. Good enough; fathers should teach their sons self-defense and how to keep a girl in order.

    What was shocking was the father injected his baby with drugs, at the behest of a seedy man in a gym! I could not believe this aired on television!

    What sort of low life writers teach your kids that doing drugs is good! If this were 25 years ago Nancy Reagan would have rightfully burned this script herself!

    The rest of the episode is despicable. The father, Peter, has oral relations with a female horse in a bed. If that’s not bad enough, he then makes passes at a blonde high school girl. It is not natural for a man to look upon a teen high school girl with lust, yet this show tries to promote that lie.

    Toward the end of the episode, Peter went as far as mounting the teenage high school girl when she passes out at a party. You’d think it could not get any lower, but no. It’s not outdone by all the ‘M’ innuendo.

    This show tries to make your kids think it’s natural and right to touch yourself in a nonholy way. A teen’s heart and mind has no desire to become aroused with impure thoughts, then touch their bodies, unless Satan dwells in the heart or in the mind with implanted thoughts.

    The writers of this show are anti-family and try to implant those very sin-inducing thoughts into your child. One day it’s watching Family Guy and touching oneself, the next it’s being the homogay prostitute for a fat man, drugs and then death!

    This show is sinister and it’s no surprise that families are falling apart with pregnant teens dropping dead from AIDS and drugs. If you love your child and don’t want to plan a funeral for her and her unborn baby next year, FORBID FAMILY GUY FROM YOUR HOUSE.

    This show is immoral and sick, and I’ve never been so appalled by a children’s cartoon in my life. WARNING: The following video is highly immoral. Please pray and have any children leave the room before reviewing.

    Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for:
    oral fornication with a horse, lesbianism, drug use, bad language, promoting false stereotypes to teens, no prayer before meal, pedophilia atheist, promoting homogay agenda, steroid paraphenelia, ‘M’, succombing to peer pressure, a talking dog, racism (black barbie joke)

    The latest episode of this show was entitled Stew-roids and

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