• YouTube User Stanmarsh1 Denounces ChristWire, Claims There Is No Homogay Television Agenda

    May 3, 2009 5:06 pm 19 comments

    I’m hopping with anger right now as I have found great blasphemy on YouTube! A liberal by the name of Stanmarsh1 has gotten his hands on a camera and is trying to trick people into thinking there is not a homosexual tv agenda!

    What a sick game these liberals play with the souls of everyone. They will try to pull the wool over your child’s eye by saying it’s ok for the boys on Spongebob and Queer Eyes to touch each other’s widlyrompus’ and it’s all friendly when they invite them to join in the “fun”!

    There is nothing friendly about the homogay tv agenda! Ever since Ellen ‘walked out’ of her closet on a tv show, probably all dressed up like a boy and told everyone ‘surprise, I like a womans sinzone’ everything in our Godly nation has gone wrong!

    Families are falling apart. Domestic violence increases. The economy has crashed. And kids are dropping out of school to do drugs and be prostitutes. This is all because gay people are being shown as normal on tv and it’s corrupting our values!

    When moral shows like Leave it To Beaver and Mayberry Andy Griffith were on TV, you noticed the nation was also moral. Kids went to school and did not unnaturally lust for each other’s sin scepters and such!

    Boys were wholesome, made good grades and love their God and country. Little girls dreamed of growing up to raise and nurture a nice family. Now we have all these God forsaken feminists running around with their husband Sally and men mutilating their life rods all because these gay shows!

    I spit with disgust and hope these liberal defenders of impiety are happy breaking apart families and sending so many people to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone on account of gay!

    Please watch Stanmarsh1′s video and then vote this video down in protest against these lies against morality! Shame on your Stanmarsh1 and the people who are voting this up. Shame!

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