• African Hipped Hopper Posse Attacks Gay Perez Hilton, YouTube Video

    June 25, 2009 1:50 pm 1 comment
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    Dark urbanite violence is own the prowl again, this time as our suburban friend Mr. Perez Hilton was allegedly attacked by a roving horde of hipped hopped rappers and has become the latest victim of black music on gay crimes.

    Liberal propaganda machine The Huffington Post first alerted everyone to this story, and I am absolutely appalled with their lack of sympathy for our homogay friend here.

    In their article, named “PEREZ HILTON ASSAULTED VIDEOS – How YouTube Encourages Drama Queens” they seem to be making light of this new blatant display of hipped hopped violence on our youths.

    Look at these mocking words: “Below is a hilarious video response to the incident by Perez Hilton and it will more than likely leave you wondering, “If you have time to post video responses on Youtube, shouldn’t you be filing a police report?””

    There is nothing ‘hilarious’ about nice young men getting attacked by big scary gangs of rappers. I am sickened and appalled that people are throwing around the word “fag**t” with this story and then thinking violence is somehow justified.

    My dear friends, in the beginning God created heaven and Earth. We are each fearfully and wonderfully made, as told in the Old Testament.

    Yes, many men choose the sin of gay in their lifestyles and do things like draw giant phallus’ on roofs and pictures to gain fame, and then dilly each others tinkle twattles, but that’s no reason to be mean to these people. We should be praying for their souls, not mocking them and cheering as posses of rapping menaces go out and attack these misguided people.

    At this point some heartless liberals are claiming ‘he had time to report his attack on Twitters” and “he made a YouTube video” in attempts to play down these latest attacks on this young man.

    Such attempts at twisting the truth make my blood boil with fury, because it’s the same type of nonsense people said when Governor Wallace was mistreating our Christian black friends down here iin Alabama and it was televised for the first time.

    People had typical liberal words of ignorance; ‘if it was so bad, they wouldn’t take time to put it on TV’.

    Perhaps you Democrats will find it funny when you’re shopping at a nice neighborhood store like Wal-mart or Target, then suddenly in aisle 12, fifty of these rhyming mongrels descend upon you with fists and guns because you stepped on one of their new shoes.

    Good readers, please take heart and have sympathy for our friend Perez Hilton. Here is the YouTube video which the Huffington people apparently find hilarious. If my mouth wasn’t so dry from heated rage, I’d spit in disgust all over their mean unChristian words.

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