• Barack Obama Forces General Motors (GM) To Go Bankrupt

    June 1, 2009 2:30 pm Comments Off
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  • The dark president B. Hussein Obama has betrayed American industry and capitalism. He has used his liberal ways to ignore laissez-faire and forced the American General Motors to go bankrupt.

    The company that once stood for the might and power of America’s superior auto industry has been brought to its knees by the socialist’s president.

    This is a day of sable color for America. What a shock it has been brought on by Obama.

    Barack Obama is good friends with the Chinese, with who he has sold our our American economy. We have so few jobs in America because Obama sent them all to China.

    Our economy is faltering because Obama, enacted laws which crippled America’s system of finance. He has destroyed our housing market with his ACORN buddies and betrayed our banks, forcing them closed.

    He has left us crippled and is now selling of his spoils of war to foreign aggressors.

    Obama reports that he now owns 60% of General Motors. He simply used our tax money to buy GM after they were forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy early this morning.

    Socialist car companies are not a part of the Constitution. They were, however, part of regimes such as Nazi Germany; volkswagon?

    Investigative journalism should make you rest assured that Obama and his SS will be driving their new GM cars around the country, admiring their new Hugo Boss uniforms as they round up Christian families in the back of GM jeeps.

    It is no doubt that they will employ GM vehicles to transport aborted baby fetuses and welfare checks around the country to non-working families as well.

    Obama has destroyed American capitalism in only a few months. His wild spending and spending of trillions of dollars to ‘save America’s economy’ is all a sham. Obama is a man who stands for socialism and the only “change” he wants to see is the falling US flag colors Washington, only to be replaced by the red and yellow flag of China.

    This is the start of a new, oppressive era for America. Obama is a man who aspires to become tyrannical like Hitler and Stalin. His war is against morality and Republicans, and we see he will even threaten then destroy a America’s foremost capitalist country to do so.

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