• Christianity, America’s Religion of Peace

    June 3, 2009 1:46 am 6 comments

    Christianity. It is truly the religion of peace. 6,000 years ago, the universe was without form and void, then one day natural order was instantly created…with humans on Earth destined to rule over it all.

    At this point some rotten atheists may already be furiously hitting their reply buttons and commenting, “I didn’t read beyond that 6000 years old claim you danged Christian zealot I…” in the comment section. That’s because Satan is in their hearts and they are scared to read the full truth.

    Christianity is truly the end all and be all of peace on Earth. America is the bastion of freedom and power on Earth because, at least when it mattered during WW2, it was a nation that followed Christian tradition. Now that the morals of America are waning, with prayer being removed from public school and evolution being taught as fact (instead of the deception of Satan placing ‘dino’ bones in the soil), it is NO coincidence that ungodly terrorists are expanding their religion (there are now over 1 billion of them), communists are gaining strength in East Asia and now the White House is occupied by a baby-killing socialist.

    The horror.

    We need to return to a time when Christianity was at the forefront of America, or even Europe. When Christians diligently crusade to bring the religion of peace to all on Earth who are in the dark, once again we’ll see prosperity on Earth.

    Instead of continuing this enlightening written discourse about the truth of Christianity and how it affects all sentient life in the universe, which can only be found on Earth, a Top Seven Christianity, The Religion of Peace Video feature is in order. Peace be with you, brethren.

    7. Christianity, The Religion of Racial Harmony

    Christians are naturally the least biased people on Earth. They love and embrace everyone, especially those from other cultures and ethnic heritage. So it comes to no surprise that ‘Youth Night’ at every Christian church is a true melting pot, where racial problems borne by liberal schools are confronted and fixed over time.

    Here you see several young Christians are still perfecting themselves by removing the liberal filth from their hearts, so they can fully soak up the love of Christ.

    6. Keeping Women in Their Place

    Women are surely beautiful creatures and can greatly aide man in many things. That is as long as women are kept in their place as intended by Natural Order. When Women inevitably get out of line, it takes an old Christian tradition to gently put the walking ribs back in place. Notice how the YouTube liberals try to twist what’s happening in their video titles.

    5.Christianity, The Religion of The Holy Spirit

    If you choose to walk in the Light of the Lord, he will enter your heart and guide you.

    Now there is a variety of Christians known as the Pentecostals and they take advantage of a unique Biblical gift, called the Holy Ghost. These people are very emotional (naturally, as many of them are black) and let the spirit of God (The Holy Ghost) wash over their hearts and minds, which causes them to dance around and shout like David in the Old Testament.

    In this video, a black man catches the Holy Ghost at his wedding. Look at him celebrate and jump for joy because he knows his woman will provide him a good home and raise his children well.

    A black Grandma helps an entire church catch the Holy Ghost.

    In this video, a young woman has been slain in the spirit and must be fanned down so she can give God more praise.

    In this video, several immature atheists record a service from a United Pentecostal Church. Notice how they don’t understand the cosmic forces at play here and fail to realize that Satan is going to have fun cooking their souls for all time.

    Another young woman catches the Holy Ghost. Notice how it does not discriminate or promote eugenics, like atheism.

    4.Christianity, The Religion of Killing Fag Feces Spreading

    Of all evils one can do, enjoying a foray in fag feces is at the bottom of the barrel. For those of you conspiracy theorists who are still trying to figure out 9/11, the father of our very own Shirley Phelps, Fred Phelps, has the enlightened answer.

    The Phelps’ granddaughters (who among others will be joining our intern staff as columnists very soon!) also weigh in on the situation

    3. Christianity, The Religion of Discourse

    There is little on Earth that’s as un-Christian than a no good Mexican who picks on fine upstanding Christians at coffee shops. With a natural language barrier, illegal Mexicans always fail to understand Christian logic. This is also why that Mexican Pablito guy who leaves foreign comments is likely atheist.

    This following video grinds my gears. There was a liberal television show called ‘Switching Place’s or some such, and a Christian mom naively took part in the show but before it was over, stood up to a Wiccan woman who tried to introduce her daughters to all sorts of crazy things. We need more mothers like this and whoever made this video should be ashamed at calling a loyal mom ‘crazy christian woman’.

    2. Christianity, The Religion of Miracles

    In the Bible, Jesus showed everyone a small preview of his great powers from time to time. He didn’t do this all the time, because he knew that man must walk by faith, and not by sight. This still did not preclude him doing miracles and God giving his apostles, and subsequent followers, the same ability.

    To this day Christians can ask God to channel a bit of his power through them, so they can perform miracles. It is not uncommon for a prayer warrior to cure cancer or a case of crippled arthritis in a church service. One of the best and powerful prayer warriors is Benny Hinn.

    You cannot deny the power levels of God that flow through Benny Hinn and Christian miracles. He carries only several pints of God’s power, so with but a swipe of his hand you’ll fall out and be healed of whatever ails you. No atheist doctor can do such things. (please ignore the weird music some miscreant added to this)

    1. Christianity, Protecting Earth from False gods

    This last one has very serious implications.

    In an effort to promote terrorism and the racist caste system in America, a Hindu beguiled his way to the US Senate to do the opening invocation. This was the first time one who worships the false Hindu idols would have betrayed our national religion by saying a false, opening prayer in our Congressional building.

    Thankfully, some Christian Republicans were present and were not having any of this on their watch.

    Good friends, the cults/pagans (Muslims, Hindus, Buddhits and so on), gays and Democrats are in the same bucket, along with President Obama, and we must conclude that they were a danger to us because they are blatantly destroying the base of our society by promoting sin, inequality, not having correct birth certificates and thus circumventing law (Obama is not even American, don’t think we forgot), trying to destroy the Constitution and violating the NATURAL ORDER of the United States.

    Our nation was founded on Christian principles because as the Bible teaches, it is the backbone of modern man’s salvation. A nation without God is a nation owned by Satan. If you don’t want hell on Earth, make sure you continue to do all your things to reunify our God and country.

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