• Democrat Lust Session Sycophants Are Destroying America

    June 27, 2009 11:47 am 2 comments

    Barack Obama and his little Democrat cronies need to get over themselves. I just listened to a part of their justification to cheat in their new global warming bill, which is just wasting more of our tax money on nonsense projects.

    Despite the reports of thousands upon thousands of REAL scientists who prove that global warming is imaginary and faker than that Ida Monkey fossil, the ego-stroker democrats are singing ‘lalalala’ while spending all of our money to prevent a disaster that will never come.

    Our friend Matt Drudge has done a great job documenting the Democrat Lust Sessions, where these people are basically just spouting off nonsense theories to the handclaps of their biased supporters, then voting obscene laws and spending measures into effect. These atheist, baby-killing wonders literally are just meeting up in Capitol Hill, mentall fornicating to each other’s absurd political notions, then voting on how to waste our money. Just watch CSPAN and you’ll see it live.

    Outnumbered, there is little the Republicans can do.

    The worst of the sessions came yesterday, when Nancy Pelosi herself sauntered up to the speaking platform, to announce America would be wasting billions of dollars on global warming research so we could get to falling to China faster.

    Just look at these headlines:

    Boehner Tried ‘Filibuster’…

    The Speaker of the House has a major obligation to be rational, as they are in direct line to the presidency. Obviously, Pelosi as a woman is overwhelmed by this position that goes beyond the calls and duties of an office secretary.

    A proper person for he position, such as Newt Gingrich, would have set fire to the bill proposals that no one read and helped lead a filibuster against this nonsense.

    Congressional meetings are just turning into ego-stroking session for the Democratic elite sycophants, and I pray to God that everyone learns from the mistake of having a Democrat Congress and President. It leads to disaster like this and that’s why by next week, our country will be at the worst financial shape of all time.

    It’s like we’re being ran by Mexican’s government.

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