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    June 3, 2009 5:32 am Comments Off

    As our economy continues to falter with bank failures and car companies like GM being stolen by Obama and his gangster administration, it is up to us — the good, common class Republican folks — to save our country’s economy.

    To do this we must support American businesses, be it a moral clothing company, buying goods from Wal-mart or getting electronics from Best Buy.

    Now with Obama’s little Arab buddies gouging fuel costs up, it can be tempting to protest fuel consumption and not go to the store so often to browse around and perhaps buy your wife that new MP3 player to use so she can lose her 9-months-fat and look decent for you again, or get Jr. that racing car.

    Do not fret!

    With the advent of the world wide web and interconnection, a new thing Dads can do to support America, keep their family entertained and still be on the go is use online shopping. You can simply connect to the net with your Blackberry (or car’s wireless) and then shop while your driver is taking you to your office or country club.

    I picked Best Buy as I just bought my daughter a new college plasma tv and computer from there and am considering a pretty neat fridge with a built in television as well. It’s sharp!

    You get special savings when you shop online and use buyer credit or your platinum, and you can also quickly research the product you’re considering, by looking at customer reviews and American’s favorite search engine at Google.

    Just make sure you also Google to make sure the product you’re buying is not foreign, so their sweat markets will keep drying back up and they’ll have to beg for our dollars once more.

    Go ahead and check out www.bestbuy.com and treat yourself out to a little gift. You deserve it and America deserves it.

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