• Egyptian Tomb Hieroglyphic Prophesies Obama’s Dark Reign

    June 7, 2009 12:26 pm 1 comment

    Obama Egypt Ancient Pyramid Hieroglyphic Tomb of Kor

    Godless-wonder Barack Obama toured the terror lands last week, where he made dark pacts and veiled agreements with his Arab brethren. As could be expected, they spent much time touring pyramids of ancient Pharaohs who routinely did things like curse God and try to commit genocide upon his children of Israel.

    The Egyptians were a truly demented people and it should come as no surprise that Barack Obama is allying himself with a people who still, even as recently as the late 20th century, proved they did not have their bloodlust for Israel whetted when they once again tried to destroy Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973.

    Fortunately, God’s Abrahamic covenant with Israel is eternal and he always does a little something to keep them safe from their pagan enemies. In the old days we saw him part the Red Sea so Israel could escape and Pharaoh’s army was drowned, then years later we saw God bless America with wealth and atomic arms so they could defeat the anti-Semitic Jap-NAZI alliance.

    Barack Obama worships false gods at the Pyramid of Ramses, where he finds himself prophesied in a hieroglyph within the Tomb of Kor. Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. Hieroglyph is work of ancient Egyptian magician and should not be stared upon, or viewed by women/children.

    With all these things in mind, imagine the shock and horror Obama must have felt when he went into an ancient pyramid last week and saw himself prophesied on an ancient hieroglyph.

    As Obama entered the pyramid of his idol King Ramses, to likely curse America and perform blood ceremonies unto Ra and Ba’al, reports reveal Obama saw an ancient hieroglyph and horrifyingly exclaimed, ‘That looks like me!’.

    He quickly summoned his servants Rahm Immanuel and David Axelord to confirm his findings. As they descended into the tomb of Kor within the pyramid, they quickly recognized the figure as Obama as well.

    Sources reveal there was much uncomfortable, maniacal laughter and the tour guide of the group, Dr. Zahi Hawass, went on to explain to the triumvirate of terror how the particular tomb they stood within belonged to an Egyptian named Kor, who was a dark priest and scholar, as well as an unjust judge.

    The wall drawing is clear prophesy that Obama is part of the Cult of Ramses and will attempt to restore the Arab world to a mighty king that can oppress Israel.

    It remains unconfirmed if Obama plans to embellish the room with taxpayer funded ornateness or have it resealed off and placed under newly entombed guard. Warning: The following image is the work of an ancient Egrptian sorcerer which foretells of Obama’s dark reign. Please quickly glance and do not stare at this graven image for too long, as the consequence of doing such remains unknown.

    Image: The Obama Hieroglyph Prophesy

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