• Eminem and Bruno Practice Homo Gay Agenda at MTV Music Awards

    June 3, 2009 2:39 am 3 comments
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  • Rapper Eminem and singer Bruno practiced gay relations live at the MTV Music Awards. As I attended the show for the Christian TV Review, I actually got sick and had to take some Pepto Bismol to get through the rest of the night. The footage is shocking and sick.

    In efforts to promote homosexuality, Bruno donned a gay man’s fairy costume and enticed the rapper with exposed bum area. He then proceeded to put his exposed devilwhole to the face of Eminem, all while oddly placing his face in proxy to Eminem’s secret parts.

    I guess this is how homosexual gays start off their mating ritual before taking turns plunging each other’s satan scepters where they do not belong. I’m mortified right now. Warning: The following video is highly immoral and should be reviewed only by ethics councils or parenting groups against MTV. Ensure women/children leave the room before watching this video.

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