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    June 1, 2009 12:47 am Comments Off
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  • Not that I’m being biased, but one of the best books you can read is Abortion & The Conscience of the Nation.

    As we hit a crucial time that will decide the fate of millions of Americans, and the protection of the American family, it is up to you to edify yourself with knowledge on how to preserve our country. How to preserve our morality. And most importantly, how to preserve the safety of your future.

    Not just for yourself, but for your children. And you grandchildren. The topics covered in this great book by our great former leader, Ronald Reagan, will inspire you to a cause in which we must all join together to promote: the universal protection of life.

    Human life is not held sacred as should be, and it’s up to you to ensure that we do not continue to promote a culture of death.

    This issue is so important that we want you to have this book for free. Please go over to our good brother Mike’s site to sign up to receive your free copy. Please enjoy and keep the faith, our friends. align=

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