• God Explodes A Volcano To Show His Anger With Iran Elections (Seen from Space)

    June 26, 2009 3:56 pm 25 comments
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  • My friends God has once again flexed his power, this time by blowing up a volcano to show his disapproval of Iran’s sham elections last week.

    Scientists aboard the International Space Station were horrified and shocked when they heard a loud pop echoing through space, from the heavens, as God gave but a little snap of his fingers to cause the volcano to blow up. When they rand and looked out their space station window, the above picture is what they saw.

    It comes as no surprise that God is very upset with this entire situation in Iran, and is giving the world — namely America — a symbolic message of what we must do.

    For those not aware, in a true mockery to Democracy, Iranian terror leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad apparently used his sly political ways to alter chads and mess up touch screens to ‘win’ 63% of the popular vote. His opponent, a man named Mousavi, was rightfully angered in that he was cheated out of an election.

    Standing up for their rights, millions of Iranian men and veil women took to the streets to protest the election results. Instead of a peaceful resolution to election protest we had in America, when a dishonest Al Gore tried to steal victory from our Christian President George W. Bush, these poor Iranian citizens were met with violence.

    Tears streamed down my face as updates on Twitter revealed how the Iranian elite were threatening these protesting people with torture and death. And as these people attempted to get news of their oppression out to America, a call for our help, the Iranian government instead closed out their access to communication.

    Who wills stand up and help these poor people have American freedom?

    God has already let his stance on this issue known to the world. And now, America is on the verge of doing the same.

    Just after God exploded the volcano, prayerful Republican Senators Graham and John McCain took the call to action. They want America to bring freedom to Iran, so the people of the fine nation can have what they deserve; a free government and rich culture, just like the Christian heritage we enjoy here in America.

    Senator John McCain has proposed that the US Air Force send over a squadron of our Predator Drones in a show of support for our Iranian brothers. In a very moving speech to Congress, Senator McCain stated:

    “We take the side of the Iranian people to have human rights, to have the freedom that we deem universal.”

    These words of truth were preceded by Senator Graham’s call to duty: “”The truth is, this election was rigged and the people in Iran are trying to speak out, and we need to help them.”

    My dear friends, Satan hates all people and he wants us to think that the people of Iran are just no good terrorists. Nothing could be any farther from the truth.

    The Arab culture is rich and its people very beautiful, but they do have oppressive governments and fundamentalists running the show in their country. While the people of these great lands want peace, their leaders force them to embrace a culture of nukes and brainwashed terrorism. Enough is enough.

    America must do what God is ordering us to do and bring freedom to Iran. It is no coincidence that God nuked a volcano in Matsua Island, in Japan, to remind the United States of our worldwide duty.

    Just like when we freed Europe and the children of Israel from the forces of Japa-Nazis alliance, we must now free the Persian Arabs from the clutches of the Axis of Evil.

    The symbols are clear and God has blessed us with the strength to do this great work, so now we must send our armies and weapons of war on a mission of peace, so that 50 years from now our Iranian brothers will be a part of our Western culture and heritage.

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