• God SLAMS Greedy Iraq With Sandstorm, Tries to Sell American Oil

    June 28, 2009 2:13 pm 8 comments
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    God Punishes Iraq For Not Freely Sharing Oil with America

    God’s wrath was in full display today, as he caused the sunny skies of the Iraqi desserts to be covered with torrential downpours of skin cutting sand because Iraq has committed the sin of greed!

    Source: The AP</strong>

    BAGHDAD – A heavy sandstorm has blanketed Iraq’s capital, closing the Baghdad airport and delaying the country’s first oil bidding process in 30 years.

    Visibility is only a few yards and most of the few people on the streets are wearing surgical masks. Doctors at the city’s hospitals said Sunday that people were coming in complaining about shortness of breath and other problems.

    Iraq had planned to award eight oil and gas fields to international oil companies for long-term development on Monday and Tuesday. But (God said not) the airport closure prevented company representatives from landing in Baghdad…

    My friends, Iraq is a country full of unappreciative Muzzies who have forgotten that only a few years ago, they were living under the savage, steel thumb of Saddam Hussein and his crazy veil sons.

    Fortunately for them, President George W. Bush was a Christian man of honor and integrity, and saw fit to deliver these people from tyranny by bringing freedom to their country.

    Now that our armies have removed their backwards, oppressive pagan theorcracy from their countries and replaced it with a real American styled government, the people have forgotten all about their liberators.

    Instead of treating us like family, now they want us to leave. Oh, really?

    Iraq is greedy. They have plenty of nice oil in their lands and they know their friendly American guardians, who saved them from Hell, can always use an extra cup of two of fresh oil in our cupboards.

    Instead of freely sharing what is rightfully ours, the Iraqis gave in to greed and were ready to sell the very oil WE liberated to FOREIGN countries who would have let them die under Saddam’s Sunny hands!

    God hates greed and he does not approve of Iraq selling their friends the Americans out, all for a quick communist ruble or European euro.

    Take heed, Iraq. God will strike you down if you do not share precious resources with your friends. Sharing is caring, so let us this display by God does not fall on deaf ears, so he won’t have to share more wrath to this young child nation.

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