• God Slices, Almost Decapitates Poison Brett Michaels With Stage Prop at Tony Awards

    June 8, 2009 7:07 pm 1 comment
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  • God has once again shown his dislike for sinful rock n’ roll music, this time as he expressed his anger by striking down Brett Michaels with a large stage prop.

    Brett Michaels is the lead singer of 80s hair band Poison, who performed sinful rock ballads like Every Rose Has Its Thorns, Talk Dirty To Me and Satan’s all time favorite, Fallen Angel.

    The sounds of these songs have been like nails to the chalk board upon God’s ears for over two decades, so he decided to publicly punish Brett Michaels at the Tony Awards so everyone could see that in addition to causing floods and terrible earthquakes, God will use minute coordination to bring his wrath as well.

    Our God is a merciful God and chose not to decapitate Brett or anything like that, but you rockers out there make no mistake that one should not test God’s patience. Next time it could be a shortened out microphone joliing you straight to hell or a loose splinter on stage causing you to bleed to death. God can orchestrate anything!

    Behold the judgment of God upon this veiled glam rocker:

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