• College Humor Jake and Amire Cause Men To Have Homosex with Dolphins

    June 29, 2009 6:05 am 3 comments

    Collegehumor is going to face the full wrath of God! For far too long this site’s druggie writers and their homogay champions Jake and Amir have promoted the devil agenda!

    Oh the critics on MTV and Collegehumor got on their little Tumblr and Twitters and laughs out loud when we WARNED EVERYONE about their sin inducing videos!

    “Don’t worry, it’s nature for college boys to think dillying each other’s twinkle twattle’s with sugar-plum sin is ok, nothing bad will happen!”

    There’s nothing natural about homosexuality and its natural progression to man-animal love! It is sick and an abomination!

    I hope these queer dolphin and man love supporters know we see right through their plans of creating GAY DOLPHINS and then giving our friends the homosexed a new play thing.

    I can’t even finish my bowl of Oat Bran and metamucil because this following video evidence has constipated my day with sin! Just know this, Collegehumor. This is all your fault and Captain Satan aboard the SS Inferno has his fishing nets out, and all the souls he catches will be swimming in the fiery seas of hell! Warning: The following video contains highly immoral media. Please pray and then have all women/children leave the room before viewing.

    Video Evidence: Man and Dolphin Engage in Public Homorompus at Seaworld

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