• Maria Belen Shapur Photos For The Masses

    June 25, 2009 5:01 pm Comments Off
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  • Why is the world so fascinated with sin?

    Not even a day after Governor Mark Sanford admitted he had an affair with Argentinian Maria Belen Shapur, the pubic is demanding one thing: photos!

    I find this behavior to be rather sick and unproductive. If Sanford were a Democrat, the liberal media would quickly try to distract everyone with celebrity woman milksack exposes and other such nonsense.

    But sense a good, family man governor who had a slip-up has confessed his faults, now it’s time to just let immorality loose and demand pictures?

    It’s simply twisted and sick. Everyone should feel guilty that they are not giving the Sanford family space to quietly discuss this issue and get on with their lives. Marital affairs should not be public items to be scrutinized and the media needs to move on to other important stories, like how politicians named Barack Obama are letting terrorists build nukes and destroying America’s economy with sloppy liberal spending.

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