• Men Are Better Than Women

    June 27, 2009 12:43 am 42 comments

    In the beginning of time, our God created the Heavens and the Earth. After HE saw that it was good, he sought to create intelligent life. God therefore created a man and named him Adam.

    As most of you should know from your Biblical history, this portion of the creation story was the true Golden Age of mankind. Earth was pristine. There was no sin or temptation. Everything was good.

    One day, however, Adam become lonely and wanted a companion. God finds the notion of man-man love to be an abomination, so as an afterthought he plucked DNA from one of Adam’s ribs to create woman as a gift unto man.

    And ever since that point in history, since the walking ribs were given the breath of life, humanity has been on the proverbial Highway to Hell.

    Women have trouble being obedient and they try to seduce men into sin. Only weeks after God created her, Eve fell victim to the woos of Satan. What was she doing out in a secret garden by herself, frolicking around naked and making merry with a talking sin serpent?

    Sinning. She let Satan talk her into disobeying the orders of the greatest male of all, God, and then betrayed her commitment to Adam by tempting him to eat forbidden fruit. And it’s those same tactics that women use to this very day.

    Last week we heard about how Governor Sanford fell victim to a woman in Argentina, and this has just been a common occurrence over time. Women love to get what they can’t have, and the thing they should have the least is an already married man and free reign to do whatever they want. They are destroying the lives of good men in the process.

    The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child, and an undisciplined girl will grow into the most vile shrew of a woman.

    My friends, it is up to men to be strong and take a stand. God created man first, because we are the leaders of all life on Earth. A woman is from our bodies, and as a result, every woman on Earth innately desires for men to give her firm guidance in knowing right from wrong in life.

    It’s this simple lesson that has been missed by many men, and therefore, they do not deal with women correctly. It is necessary to softly discipline your wife when she steps out of line: ‘No’, you should tell her when she talks back or asks to go out late with her girlfriends. If you give woman an inch, she’ll take a mile and eventually take so many miles that she’ll get lost and out of her place as a wife. Women are fickle.

    The same with your daughters. Fathers, be kind to your daughters and don’t let them run the street, being tempted into a life of seducing men with whorish antics. Have you wife teach them to values of raising a family.

    And finally, do not trust that all women have been raised to be moral or have a good husband/father watching over them from day to day. A woman without a week of male supervision will fall to the temptations of Satan, just like Eve.

    Men, we were created with more fortitude and penchant for good than the lesser species. And as such, it is up for us to keep women on the moral path. Even if they came running at you and demanding all types of lustful sins, you put them in their place. “No”.

    Our friend Dick Masterson, over at Men are Better Than Women brilliantly elaborates upon this crucial subject, and I encourage you to sing up for his feed and donate to his ministry.Warning: The following video is for serious erudite discussion only. Please have any women/female children leave the room before viewing.

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