• Mexican Honuduras President Gets Kidnapped By His Army, America Must Save The Day

    June 28, 2009 1:45 pm 1 comment
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    BREAKING: Hondurans In Civil War, Can’t Run Their Own Country
    American army needed in Honduras, will help the people be safe and be given a new American picked leader.

    Army ousts Honduras president in vote dispute…
    President calls arrest ‘kidnapping’…
    Troops surround presidential palace…
    Chavez slams ‘coup’…


    God is once again calling on America to save another third world nation from falling into anarchy. Just like with Iran, we must accept this call.

    Our dear friends the Hondurans are in danger and turmoil. Violence, death and destruction is the scene in Tegucigalpa, as the little Honduran army has overthrown the government!

    World leaders are expressing concern with the looming coup and civil war, and according to the latest reports the President of this fine Mexican Catholic country has been kidnapped.

    Any country ruled by the cold, iron boots of a socialist army is sure to be oppressed, but their is a Catch-22 in this situation. The Honduran president is friends with world reknown terror advocate Hugo Chavez. By no surprise he also bumps shoulders with the dark ethics of Barack Obama.

    So who’s the victim here? Just like in Iran, where people are being shot for wanting freedom, the innocent civilians in Honduras.

    Fellow Americans, we have a duty to insure Democracy is a gift given unto all people on Earth. The people of Honduras need peace and they have beautiful resources in their country, perhaps even some oil, that we can come down and help them properly put to good use.

    They are a great people, but only lack the light to show them the way. Let us be that light.

    No army can stand before America, so we can wipe their little coup army out in a week. We can then give freedom to these people and elect them a leader they not only need, and deserve.

    We should also arm the civilians of Honduras and teach them the way of a real army, America. So that these little despots of communism stop throwing their life into turmoil.

    I hope and pray that Washington declares war on Honduras this week, so we can know our friends down their taste freedom.

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