• Michael Jackson Death Jokes and Photos

    June 27, 2009 10:22 am 6 comments
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  • Yesterday at work, a co-worker walked up to me and had tears in his eyes. He put his hand on my shoulder:

    “You gotta hear this one man. Ok, so they decided to cremate Michael Jackson and naturally, he melted down into a goopy soup of plastic. Wouldn’t you know he planned for this in his will and demanded that his plastic remains be used to create a child’s play toy! Hahaaha…”

    I was disgusted. Millions of “jokes” like these are going around right now, to the point that it’s being discussed in national news.

    It was bad enough to have, on Michael Jackson’s day of death, some political commentators, being crass enough to say things like ‘well, one more pedo off this planet’ and some even ‘religious’ commentators stating this man would be going to hell.

    I’m offended. Say what you will about his eccentric and reclusive behavior, but the fact of the matter is that 99% of people on this Earth only know Michael Jackson through the filter of the biased media. And frankly, when it comes to Jackson, that filter was focused on making him look ‘whacko’ all in attempts to sell headlines.

    I read the accounts given by his family and friends. They admit Michael was troubled and at times emotionally fragile. Who wouldn’t be, granted his childhood and the fact he’s been a global celebrity since that point in time. He’d never had a ‘normal’ life or chance to relate to the public at large; he’s always had to ‘flee’ from public venues, lest he be mobbed.

    I may also be mistaken, but there is a little phrase in America called ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Now I’ve done my research, but I just could not find documentation that accused and condemned Michael Jackson of any crimes. Did I miss something?

    So all in all, I guess this short commentary is to say one thing; stop being crass jerks, media and public.

    An important cultural figure just passed away, from what may be dubious or at least unnatural circumstances, and out of respect this man’s family, friends and fans should be given common courtesy.

    There is also clamoring to find and market his death photos, which have been widely published (his last photo) at this point. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, albeit it being macabre in my book, photo-shopping it with inappropriate comments or other images as I’ve seen is beyond sick.

    So that’s all I want to say. Michael Jackson passed away and some of the heartless commentary surrounding the death of a relatively important cultural icon is truly a sad testament to the minds of some people.

    - Dean Miller

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