• Miley Cyrus’ Sister Modeling Juicy Couture Clothing (pictures)

    June 2, 2009 9:26 am 10 comments

    Several months ago we reviewed a disturbing trend in business culture, where a noticeable marketing scheme of promoting sexualized media and fashion to pre-teen girls is noticeably present.

    While some fashions are simply tasteless and repulsive, in that they are blatantly marketing sex (what preteen girl needs a shirt that says spicy little numbers over the chest area or pants that say juicy on the rump?), there are others that are simply using young stars to peddle off these new products in very uncomfortable ways.

    Local site OceanUp.com recently reviewed photos of Hannah Montana and Disney star Miley Cyrus’ 9-year-old sister, Noah Cyrus, where she is modeling bikini-wear for questionable clothing company Juicy Couture, aka, the guys behind such great things as this, this and this for teens.

    This type of clothe marketing is inappropriate as it not only sends the wrong message to young girls, but also supports a system that preys upon and exploits several innocent tendencies of pre-teen girls.

    The end goal of any business tends to be $$$ and it’s a sad day when marketing starts to target the minds and social habits of young girls, just to make a buck. Parents, and particularly mothers, it is up to you to be responsible and not support this type of product.

    Women are not objects to be branded as ‘succulent’ and that’s definitely not a message we want to send to girls. Kids definitely need summer-wear, but there has to be better ways of marketing and photography…

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