• Muslims Worship Obama As New King Tutankhamon of The World

    June 3, 2009 4:14 am Comments Off

    Well colored me surprised. Obama’s dark agenda to turn the entire world Muslim has been unveiled.

    As if his dark African roots and middle name of Hussein is not evidence enough, today our investigation has uncovered the fact that Egyptians are already worshiping Obama as their new god king.

    Sources reveal that as Obama prepares to visit his ancestral home in the Muslim world, reports show the Egyptians are awaiting his arrival with religious anticipation and excitement.

    It has been years since these people have had a pharaoh with such a vast army as America’s, and I can only imagine what sort of demonic plotting and prayers to false gods they will be doing behind closed door meetings.

    Our shocking pictorial evidence reveals the Egyptians have started their old habits of inscribing words on gold plates, likely to adorn a palace Obama has built with our tax money.

    Do not be surprised when he claims Egyptian Pyramids Inc, need bailout money, so they can build giant pyramids right behind the White House.

    You liberal atheists may laught now but you won’t think it’s so funny when he demands our sons and daughters in the army be entombed to protect his family, just like his ancient ancestors did.

    Obama is tapping into some dark arts and it’s no coincidence that these Egyptians are so excited about his visit, where he plans to announce that his principality of Iran will receive American nuclear technology.

    My friends, the false gods of old are rising again and the end days are nigh. This week is going to be very challenging for the faith and do not be surprised if the Book of Revelations starts playing out before our eyes.

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