• New Reagan Statue Unveiled in Rotunda

    June 3, 2009 12:54 pm Comments Off
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  • New Reagan Statue
    New Reagan statue in Washington DC will be consecrated today in a special ceremony, where hopefully Reagan’s angel will be welcomed and intercede in Obama’s dark global plans.

    Barack Hussein Obama is ruining America and now even Congressional democrats have hearts stricken with fear and panic.

    We are only a week away from when Obama will head to Egypt to confirm his role as the Antichrist or at least one of his minions, and probably make his eyes glow and talk in a deep voice to give us empirical proof of his true nature.

    My friends, our country is in dark times and we’ve invited the snakeheads right into the White House. The Congressional leaders who haven’t been converted by Obama’s dark sciences somehow managed to sneak enough of our tax enough money away to build a new Ronald Reagan statue in the capitol’s rotunda.

    This statue of Saint Reagan of California will be consecrated today at a televised ceremony, where a true First Lady Nancy Reagan will be in attendance. Now that the statue has been crafted and eulogized for our former President and new heavenly Saint Reagan, Obama dares not touch it as he knows God will just strike him down for it.

    Reagan will be officially drafted as the Saint of Freedom today, where his included roles will be relaying our political prayers to God to expedite the process and giving a slight flap of his holy wings and heavenly intercessions at times when America needs blessings most.

    Saint Reagan’s statue stands 7 feet tall and weighs 500 pounds, and we should join in today to bless this statue as we beg America’s new saint to rain heavenly blessings down upon our fallen nation.

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