• Promotions and the Legacy of RP

    June 7, 2009 8:07 am 1 comment
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    You guys know the Zombie Jesus article on Most Delivered? Well, the infamous easter hijack got its 100 GET yesterday. Needless to say, that article was where I got my true beginnings, even though it wasn’t my very first hijack, but heck, it’s a milestone.

    I’ve gone through many names. Some might know me as Overlord Laharl, Flonne, Etna, the Random Prinny Bloke, or generally the Disgaea RPfag. Later, I discovered a full name for RP, and that was Rapax Pringer. Dunno how it spawned up, but it is pretty nifty-sounding.

    The article I’ve linked to has several links detailing hijacks I’ve done, either with friends or myself. Mostly myself, though. I’m just that much of a loser.

    Anyway, part of the reason I’m linking is because I’ve made a WordPress blog, not just for my random rants and findings, but also later for the denouncement of Christwire and several of its members I despise (namely… ahem. ADAM NELSON, AMBER, ABE, AND JANCEFUN). And by denouncement, I mean proving their articles wrong. Well, some of them. Like the Warcraft-Cosplay connection thing. But most of the denouncements will be my opinions on the fundies’ rants.

    Be sure to bookmark the blog. I’ll be quite working on it a lot.

    Anyways, my thanks goes out to Claire, TheWretched, Dean Miller (who is one of the very few real Christians on this website.), and my loyal fans (if any). The Badass Overlord of the Netherworld (tl:dr, me being an RPfag again) thanks you for your support.


    Link URL: http://rapaxsdimension.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/the-legacy-of-rapax/


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    Rapax Pringer The badass Overlord known by the name of Rapax Pringer (or you can just call me RPfag, Rapax, or RP. And I'm just a random bloke who likes RPing as Disgaea characters, making fun of Christfags/fundies, and reading books. Nothing more.)

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