• The Girl Who Doesn’t Age: 16 Year Old Girl Looks Like A Baby

    June 29, 2009 5:31 am 3 comments

    Meet Brooke Greenberg. To anyone else passing by her in a crowded shopping mall or daycare, she may look just like any other one year old baby. To her parents, however, Brooke is something else. Their teenage daughter.

    Medical experts worldwide have never seen a case like Brooke and are still trying to unravel the special mysterious of this precious child’s life. What is that mystery?

    Brooke seems to be eternally young. Her body does not age and as such, she has been named the ‘Fountain of Youth’ by the medical community.

    Brooke’s family has watch now for 16 years in amazement, as their daughter stopped growing. Her last weight gain take place over a decade ago and her younger sister has since passed her up in size and development, aging through life as Brooke remains young and unaged.

    Brooke’s parents believe their daughter’s body may hold the secrets to aging, and feel this may be a part of this child — who has been a great blessing to them — legacy and purpose in life.

    God does have a purpose and reason for all of our lives, and the story of Brooke itself is enough to make us really appreciate life and the cycle of it. Please watch the following video about Brooke and her family, it’s really interesting.

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