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    Our world is in peril. Over the last several decades, the soulless Japanese have been leading the field of advanced robotics. With movies such a Terminator and I, Robot in mind, it should become immediately obvious how robots, in the hands of the wrong people, can be very dangerous.

    The entire premise of Transformers takes this concept up a notch. Wonder if there was a sentient group of alien robots, who decided to have their war to end all wars right here on our planet Earth?

    While such a concept is naturally sci-fi as clearly aliens and of course roboaliens do not exist, it could potentially make for a good bit of entertainment for the family. One would think a movie, based on a child’s cartoon, about a child’s play toys, would be a fun things for Dad and Son to go watch this weekend. Wrong!

    Transformers 2 is one of the most immoral productions I have seen this summer. You want a summary of this filth, here you go. Warning: The following image media is highly immoral. Please pray then have women and children leave the room before viewing.

    One Image That Summarizes Transformers 2

    This movie may as well be named, “Hey, kids! How would you like some exposed breasts with a side of thighs without even having to go to KFC!

    I was so sickened and outraged to see children in the theater, being subjected to this soft pornography of exposed leg shorts and a woman’s milksack cleavage, that I considered walking out on this filth several times instead of completing the review.

    The movie starts off well enough, with a humorous look 17,000 years in the past (God didn’t create life until 6,000 years ago, once again establishing this movies potentially neat science fiction premise) when a group of robots called the Dynasty of Primes were going to convert Earth’s sun into energy for the Allspark, their source of life.

    Typical imperial betrayal and infighting break out, and the end result is a Civil War among the robots: the good guys being the Primes and the Judas being named The Fallen.

    Flash forward to now, and a young Sam Witwicky (the film’s main human protagonist) is going to college, while his girlfriend Megan Fox (Mikaela) seduces the male audience onscreen.

    It gets worse.

    While in college, Sam meets a girl named Alice who tries all types of unnatural seductions on Sam. This gives incoming college students in the audience the wrong idea, that college is all about having your willy entertained as opposed to your pure mind dedicated to your studies.

    It turns out that Alice is a secret spy for the evil robots, which makes the entire situation even more sick and awkward.

    As the plot rolls on, Megatron is revived and teams up with the Fallen, all to do the typical alien M.O. of demanding the Earth to surrender and also abducting Sam (namely his brain).

    Several battles between the robotic groups take place, which ultimately culminate it Optimus Prime being called, Sam nearly having his brain removed and his parents being abducted, all around the third act plot point.

    The resolution of the movie is admittedly neat, with an old bot named Jetfire being the plot device who reveals more of the Autobot/Prime history and legacy, as well as giving the movie’s heroes the knowledge and resources to restore Optimus Prime.

    In an amazing final battle, a good showing of modern CGI, our hero Optimus Prime managed to defeat The Fallen and send Megatron scurrying off in defeat.

    All in all, this movie could have been great summer fun for fathers and sons, as it could have focused on action and crashing robots together in big explosions. But no, they had to focus on one thing: sex appeal.

    It is rife in this movie and it just sullied the entire thing. Unless you would take your child to watch Debbie Dallas or a naturally dirty king show in Tijuana, Mexico, you should express your frustration with the sex marketing in this movie by forbidding your kids to see it in theaters or their little secret internet communist sites. It’s sick and twisted.

    Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for:
    sexual innuendos, propagating alien conspiracy, excessive violence/death, evil evolution, exposed thighs, bared cleavage, lust, strong language

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