• Wikipedia Has First Fight With Scientology

    June 3, 2009 2:29 am 4 comments
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  • Scientology is the name of a bizarre pagan religion, naturally smiled upon byevolutionists and other scientists of their ilk.

    These people apparently believe that all life started when a big bang suddenly came from nowhere, then randomly gave rise to a group of aliens who were ruled over by a villain named Xenu.

    Xenu was a man of science and enjoyed aviation, so he built Boeing 747/DC8 jets (I am not making this up) and had his generald fly these through his galactic empire, to make sure all his subjects stayed in line.

    As evolution “magically” took place, some of the subjects purportedly started to develop something named fthetans (explained sort of like midichlorians in Star Wars) which gave them special powers. These evolutionists believe all this nonsense and teach it to our children in school, but we’ll keep going.

    Xenu grew scared of all these people who wielded all this mutant thetan power and ordered his generals (who were also psychiatrists) to round them all up on their 747s and take them to a planet called Earth.

    When the great round up was complete, 75 million years ago — they claim — mind you, Xenu had captured billions of thetan powered people.

    He had them airdropped into volcanoes on Earth, where he then dropped nukes on them. There’s more to this story, and the exact details of it can be found on places like Wikipedia and other internet archives.

    Apparently Wikipedia and Scientology are having a big fight over all this…

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