• World Of Warcraft is Evil – Boy Goes Insane After Parents Cancel Account

    June 25, 2009 4:14 pm 77 comments

    Among the myriad dangers that face out youth today, one of the most provocative and diverse is the video game market. Greedy corporate executives seduce a youngster’s curiosity with the morbid and uncouth by delivering titles which promote gun battles, sexual themes and dark arts.

    Of all video games, perhaps the most dangerous is World of Warcraft. An estimated 10 to 20 million people play this game and it’s a nightmare. As studies have shown, the game has had negative impact on the lives of youth and has contributed to unemployment rate in the 16-32 year old male cohort, as well as crimes of drug use and violence.

    It comes as no surprise that these reports come to surface, millions of parents and spouses worldwide are canceling their loved one’s WoW accounts. If these trends were not alarming enough, WoW player commonly form what are called ‘guilds’ and meet in online communities such as Myspace.com, where they exchange personal information.

    Just think, your young teen son or daughter may be going out to meet a sadistic cheetos-stained, basement dwelling 43-year-old man they met from WoW the next time they claim they are going on a shopping trip with ‘the guys’ at the local mall. This is becoming very common and good parents are responding responsibly to the threat.

    In the following video, we see a family scene where some good parents are removing the threat of World of Warcraft from their home. Satan uses this game to addict teens to thoughts of tribal violence and costumed orgies, and from this teen’s response we see the dangerous grip this game has on the life of youngster.

    Parents, please ruin Satan’s day and sneak into your son or daughter’s room tonight, to see if they have this horrible game installed on their computer or gaming system. If so, do what’s right and remove the game, then cancel their accounts.

    When you son or daughter naturally cries, “This is not fair!” ask them how they would like to turn up dead in a ditch on the five o’clock news, the latest victim of the cheetoostained WoW stalker. They’ll thank you for looking out for them.

    Let’s look at this video to see how WoW addiction makes a teen act, so you may know what to expect when you cancel your child’s account.

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