• Americans Must Stop Marrying Other Species, Especially Chinese

    July 13, 2009 2:06 pm 56 comments
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  • My dear fellow Americans, our country is in peril. Poverty is on the rise. Every day our government must spend millions of dollars to feed our uneducated colored friends in the ghetto housings.

    Drugs, violence, teen pregnancy and prostitution: it’s a miracle the offspring of the herds of the impoverished colors live long enough for us to give them free health care and primary education.

    My heart is full of compassion for all of God’s creation and I bet yours is too. This is why knowing the little multicultured people right in our country are suffering the same fate as their specie packs in their native countries is too much for my heart of love.

    What happens if proper Americans eventually lose the inevitable battle of protecting the non-native species in our country from their own self-destructive habits?

    Imagine the overwhelming pain in your heart when you see news from the ghetto, where tribal warfare has fully broken out and drug lords gun down spear carrying children who are simply fighting for food?

    Who will feed the children and who will give them medicine? Who will protect them from the gangster drug lord turned genocidal king of the ghetto?

    Tears will stream down your face as the population of San Francisco’s Chinatown shoots into the millions, then the hoards of the Asiatics are compelled to follow destructive communist ways and fly planes into Pear Harbor.

    Pure Canada will cower in horror as a locust storm of manila flavored Mexicans descend upon their resources like locusts to fresh barley.

    My friends, America was founded to be the beacon of light to the fallen world. The City on the Hill to show them the path to proper civilization.

    How can we cure the world of their problems when we allow them to spread infection within ourselves?

    Look at a history book and global map: Africa, China, Russia, India, Mexico/South Mexico and the people every other non-Western country are sullied with violence, poverty and pagan beliefs. Their problem is at the genetic level and just as fallen Europe has discovered, they can spread their Barbaric ways to the purest of genomes.

    I deeply love all of the pet countries around the world, so I’m not racist. I believe we should continue to help fund them and teach them better ways, and you should feel the same way too.

    The fact of the matter, however, is that bestial ways are not proper. An American man can not lay with a wife who is of a lesser people and not expect consequence within his family genome.

    Until the world proves that they are on par with God’s specially crafted people, us pure and true Americans, we must stop inviting the foreign pathogens to spread their disease of poverty and violence into our national fabric.

    We must keep America pure.

    Praise God that our friends on Fox News are helping to spread this message of love and truth to tv audiences worldwide.

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