• Barack Obama CAUGHT Getting Lapdance, Living High Life

    July 23, 2009 1:59 am 18 comments

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    Why must black men worship a female’s rumpus? It doesn’t matter how much culture or class the man has been taught, he just has an innate desire to be perverted in an area God created to store fat and release a body’s waste.

    Last week we caught our alleged President Barack Hussein Obama looking at a seventeen year old girl child’s rumpus at the G8 conference. It remains unconfirmed if Obama lured her back to his presidential suite to perform in some sick secret rap video, but I wouldn’t put that out of the realm of possibilities.

    If that wasn’t sick enough, we caught him again exploiting another intern’s backside with his eyes. Liberals from Washington had the audacity to contact the HolyMailbox to deny the allegations but the pictures do not lie. Obama was looking at the backside and thinking fornicating thoughts.

    Now, we have MORE EVIDENCE that Obama had the audacity to get lap dances in front of children, IN PUBLIC, at a black man’s favorite place: a basketball court. Look at this picture evidence.

    See how his eyes swell with guilt and fear when his wife appears on the Jumbo-tron?

    Democrats are well known for their sexual infidelity, just look at Bill Clinton and JFK. Obama takes it all a step further though, with drinking beer in front of childrens then getting flussy to wear tight shorts in front of him and give him public lapdances.

    This man has a sick fetish of public fornication and this is all just more grounds for impeachment.

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