• Barack Obama Secretly Conspires with the Pedrobear

    July 21, 2009 3:53 am 6 comments

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    Alert! Parents, this secret photo released from some third world conference shows Obama is conspiring with a very dangerous element of child takers, a movement known as the Pedrobear.

    This symbol signifies a movement to steal American children and sneak them down to Mexico. From what I can tell, people in the group dress up in a friendly bear costume and trick our good, upstanding kids to get in seedy vans and drive them down to the dirty plains below the Rio Grande.

    I bet the stolen American children down there are forced into hard labor and to help run drug cartels, and probably medical guinea pigs for the Mexican government as signified by the bear’s adornment in doctor attire.

    My friends, Barack Obama and his democrats support abortion so how can we expect them to love the very babies they would have killed since day one. I have no idea what Obama is planning to do with our kids and why he supports Pedrobear, but it is sinister and involves the potential theft and death of your children!

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