• Black President Barack Obama Caught Looking At A Girl’s Booshayne! (Mayara Tavares)

    July 11, 2009 2:00 am 22 comments

    I am absolutely disgusted right now! The black president was caught looking at a young girl’s rumpus! Where is the justice in a world where parents send their precious daughter off to become something great, to only have the so called American President ogling her like a piece of fresh meat!

    Just take a look at this following picture!

    Today Fox News reported that the girl B. Hussein Obama is harassing with his eyes is none other than a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD CHILD from Brazil named Mayara Tavares.

    I am ashamed this man is our president and hope Congress starts impeachment trials for this crime against humanity.

    I know that them urban black hipped hopped culture loves to praise a woman’s backside and have them gyrate it all about, but Obama needs to realize that there is no room for his ghetto bootyshayne tastes in our American White House!

    Look at how his eyes fixate right on this girl’s rear section. I bet her poor Mom is down in Brazil crying her poor Mexican eyes right now. We may as well start calling G8 convention exploit third-world children day if Obama is going to act like this is just another rap video.

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